Hi I'm Gina!

Welcome!  I am a successful online entrepreneur based in Los Angeles with my incredible husband and 4 young kids.  I left corporate america at 26 years old to be able to think clearly about my own vision for my life.  I found that my job distracted me from even thinking about my dreams.  I was helping someone else accomplish their dreams but not my own.  I decided to take ownership of my gifts and enter entrepreneurship- scared and confused of the unknown.

Our culture has set us up that all we are suppose to do is have a job, pay bills and die.  And I am here to say that is a lie.  You can live an abundant, fulfilled life, financially free life.


This blog shares my entrepreneurial journey & experiences of others that I mentor so you don't feel as scared and confused as I did starting.


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January 3, 2019

Most times when you tell people you lost your job you hear the "oh, I'm so sorry to hear that!" or "You will find something else soon."  Yuck!  If you tell me on the other hand I will smile and say "oh that's great!"  If you don't know me well, it may come across as sa...

January 4, 2016


Here is a picture of me at my first trade show.  I look back at my first hair show and cringe looking at the set up. Bandana style table cloth, no fancy signage...just working with what I had at the time.  At the same time, this image is an inspiration to myself and h...

November 2, 2015

In my belief, everyone is vulnerable to having an affair in marriage.  Affairs usually start by "just being friends".  And just to clarify everyone, I mean even the Bible preaching, saved, sanctified holy man/woman included.  No one is safe...  I've seen so many marria...

October 29, 2015

As I search on my Instagram and look through magazines these days, it seems like everyone is pregnant or just had a baby.  They are usually holding the baby with their eyes staring up toward the sun and it looks glorious.  I would look at the pictures and scream to my...

September 30, 2015

 MAY 2009

I was newly married in Indianapolis living in the house that I bought back in 2006 with our son.  Kern just finished his MBA and got a offer in Chicago.  We were set to move and put the house on the market.  This was right after the big housing bust and no one...

September 24, 2015

 This is my crew and I (my husband, Kern, kids Jordan, Cruz, Lisa and our 4th doing flips in my belly as we speak.  We moved to Los Angeles on faith.  No place to live, not knowing where to live, and just the unknowing of how our lives would change living on the West C...

December 11, 2014

I've learned that just like us alive by inhaling and exhaling.  I began using this concept with all areas of my life- marriage, kids, finances and it has always brought me great abundance in that area.  When I try to hold onto things without letting it free, I end...

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