Are you feeling stuck?

I completely understand because I have been there.  You have a great idea or existing business but keep running into roadblocks that stunt your growth.  When this happens, normally we waste time.  Days turn into years and realize how much time was lost.  You've decided to make the right decision to seek help.  This  one on one mentoring session is designed to clear that roadblock and continue to move forward.


A coaching /mentoring session changes everything.


It helps you eliminate all the mess and focus/refocus back on purpose and goals.

 This coaching session is reserved time for you that will save so much time trying to filter through everything that is being thrown at you.  Gina will listen to your issues and identify the path to get you to your goal and purpose.


Listening to podcasts, watching webinars, going to conferences are all amazing but nothing is as impactful to have someone one on one focused on you and your goals that have actually went through the path to acheive business success.

You can choose a topci below or you can customize your topic:

  • Pick your biggest struggle
  • Brainstorming session
  • Choose an area where you need a push of motivation
  • Choose a current specific issue where you need perspective


This session is yours. If you've never had a one on one mentoring session, be prepared to feel a weight lifting off of you.  This will be great and I can not wait to work with you!



This is a 60 minute one on one session where we can meet in person (Los Angeles- Valley area), via Zoom or  teleconference to assist you with your new or existing business.  



Individual Mentoring/Coaching 60 min Session

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