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Why I Get Excited When People Tell Me They Lost Their Job

Most times when you tell people you lost your job you hear the "oh, I'm so sorry to hear that!" or "You will find something else soon." Yuck! If you tell me on the other hand I will smile and say "oh that's great!" If you don't know me well, it may come across as sarcastic. But I am genuinely happy for you and I will tell you why.

A job was meant to be Temporary Anyway

My mom told me one of the saddest things in life is you climb up a ladder and get to the top to only realize the ladder was leaning up against the wrong wall. Whew!!!! That deserves an Amen! No one wants to be climbing a ladder they weren't meant to climb. However, millions of people do it everyday all the way until death. People forget a job is a temporary location only used to help you grow and move on. Unfortunately, people don't move on. They go from one job to the next only to find out they are still unfulfilled. Think of them pushing you to pursue your purpose because you didn't do it yet.

Now You are Free to Think

Congratulations! You are now able to think about your dreams freely without the weight of a job. I could stop right there and that would be enough. The ability to think about your purpose for being on this Earth and dreams is everything. You were not here to do a job, pay bills and die. You were created to fulfill a great need on this Earth so now you able to get to the business of your work not someone else's work.

You can See How to Put to Use a High Level Skill

A high level skill is a skill that you have that is in high demand. This is a great opportunity to not be in bondage from one company but to offer your skills to several companies. The companies outsource your skills and listen up....they pay big money when you know your worth. Some high level skills include social media marketing, content creation, project management, etc. Also, you aren't regulated only to big companies to offer your skills. You can reach out to brands and people that exploded on social media that needs the skills that you learned working in corporate america. Trust me when I say, people NEED what you KNOW.

You Are on Your Agenda

You may have lost your job but I look it as now you are in the driver seat of your own car versus the back seat. A corporation determines how much you are worth financially, what you do with the majority of your waking hours, where you can live, what you can afford to buy in life, how long you can go on vacation and the list goes on. Enough is enough. Now you control the wheel. It is very scary and sadly most people don't know what direction to turn when they have the wheel because someone else has been steering them their whole life. The beauty is that even when you aren't sure where to steer, you still have the CONTROL of you your own car (your destiny, your future). You will figure it out and the journey to figuring it out is the good stuff in life. When you leave or get fired from your job, you are on a self discovery journey. Don't lose this moment by looking for another corporation to take control of the wheel. Use this opportunity to LEARN how to drive your car on your own.

I know the feeling of losing a job and even when I didn't want to be there. Losing my job initially messed up my head and had me feeling like it was a bad thing I lost my job. If you recently lost your job or in fear of losing your job, I say congratulations!!! Your life is about to change for the best if you look at this as a great opportunity.

If my public service announcement has helped you...share this with someone else who it can be a blessing to as well.

© 2020 by Gina Los Angeles.

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