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4 Ways to Improve Your Marriage in 24 Hours

I'm just going to get straight to the point on this post...Marriage can get monotonous, boring, dull, tiresome at times...Where is a thesaurus when you need one. After you've done all the crazy, fun things, binge watched every good series on Netflix, tried every sex position, then what? Here goes my 5 quick ways to improve marriage in 24 hours...

1) Shock the System

Go skydiving! Ok I'm kidding. I don't think going skydiving on a Tuesday to improve your marriage is necessary (even though I did do this for my husband) but do something that will spike up the dopamine levels in your brain. Men's levels of dopamine can skyrocket simply by seeing a beautiful woman walking down the street or watching an action movie. So consider shocking the system by doing something completely different from routine. If he's use to coming home and seeing the kids and you in house slippers and jogging pants...then shock the sh$* out of him and have on high red heels and the kids at their grandparents house for the night.

2) His Day/Her Day

Kern and I decided that every other month we will have a day dedicated to one of us. For instance, a random day of the month is "Kern Day" and the day is devoted to pleasing him and his interest. So, I'm responsible for thinking of things new and exciting for him to enjoy that entire day and vice versa. What I've noticed from us doing this for each other is that you can't help but to fall in love all over again when someone takes the time to dedicate a whole day just for you and your interests.

(Picture Above: Surprised my husband on a quick weekend trip to Vegas to see his favorite RnB group- Boyz II Men...or maybe its my fav group lol..but he enjoyed it)

3) Select a Theme of the Day

This is something that is just simple. You think of a theme for the day of how you will treat your spouse. An example would be, "A Day of Love Making" and that is your focus the entire day... give him a nice wake up call in the morning, join him in the shower, drive to the beach and *make love under the stars (*this may be illegal-but worth a try). "A Day of Appreciation" randomly leave a rose in her car seat, write a love letter and tell her how much she means to you, give her a massage after long day of work. It removes other distractions and allow you to concentrate on the overall theme.

4) Switch Roles

There is a new appreciation for your spouse when you see the things they do that could easily go unnoticed. After doing even a simple task that your partner regularly does, you have a completely new perspective. Men if your wife usually picks up the kids and has dinner cooking by the time you get home, then you take on that responsibility for a day. This inevitably brings a greater appreciation for your spouse. It is common place in all marriages to take one another for granted sometime throughout your union. However, this act of switching roles allows you to look at things through their lens and take a glimpse on their side.

These are just 4 simple ways to improve your marriage in 24 hours. Comment below and let me know what are some things you've done to improve your marriage by reintroducing excitement and greater appreciation to one another.


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