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6 Reasons You Should Jump into Entrepreneurship Now!

I don't use the word jumping lightly. I think when you are uncomfortable with something there is no other option than to jump if you're going to do it. When you have decided to do something you have to eliminate the usual, "I'll try it". The word "try" is the biggest avoiding words of a yes or a no. When you say to someone, "I'll try and make it" that means you most likely won't make it. In other words, you don't want to commit to something one way or another. Depending on how the wind blows, you may or may not make it. Unfortunately, we do that with so many things in life but to become a business owner (a successful one) "trying it" is not going to work. Without further delay, here are 6 reasons you should jump into entrepreneurship this year.

6) You can grow Exponentially

I have never heard of a job where one year you are making $50,000 one year and the next year you are making $250,000. The standard in corporate america is the 2-3% raise which I don't acknowledge as a raise when living expenses increase about the same rate or more. I look at it as going backwards but I won't go deep into that. When

you have a business, you have the great potential to grow leaps and bounds from one year to the next. Depending on your strategy and with the growing online marketplace, you can double from one month to the next. Below is a screenshot of one of the clients that I mentor for growing her brand online. She grew her business 1,376% from last year to this year and making more in one month than she did in a year at her job.

5) Entrepreneurship is Less Risky Than Having a Job

I remember hearing all growing up that owning a business is risky business. "What happens if your business doesn't succeed?" "What happens if the cash flow suddenly stops" I was afraid for many years to fully jump into entrepreneurship because I had this idea from the world that it was a big risk especially having a young kid at the time. Then I began to ask, "What happened if I didn't succeed in my job?" "What happened if I wasn't bringing in any new business with my job?" What would happen then?......I would be fired. So, if I would be willing to work super hard to bring in a new business with my job to ensure I kept a job then why can't I do the same for my OWN business? It just doesn't make any sense when people say owning your business is risky especially in this day and age. There has been never been an easier time in world history to start a business. We are so connected and I sell products on a daily to people all over the world.

4) The Great Tax Benefits

With a business, you are able to legally deduct so much from taxes owed. Your home office space, laptop, car expenses, office furniture, office decorations, cell phone, travel, meals dealing with business, printer, etc. If you have a job, you most likely have a home office and a host of things that are related to your work that are not tax deductible. You save thousands of dollars every year with deductions, setting up your business structure the right way and having a great tax advisor that can help you keep the most in your pockets.

3) So much is Already Automated

Some of you may have had a vision of a typical small business owner being stuck in their brick and mortar shop all day and stocking inventory in the wee hours of night and working on their taxes early in the morning. It sounds horrible. But Im here to say being a online entrepreneur is ahhhhhhmazzing and I'm not exaggerating. Of course, there are aspects that you won't enjoy but the overall experience of being an online entrepreneur is the best. There are companies like Amazon, where a good percentage of my sales come from, that do so much for you. They handle the shipping to your customers, refunds, customer service, warehouse storage, marketing etc. They take a 15% referral fee and it is well worth it. 40% of online transactions start on Amazon. The customers have their credit card stored in their system. The customer just selects "BUY NOW".

There are so many software and companies that provide streamless service. For instance, Fiverr is a website where you can get many services such as website design or a logo made for $5.

The business world isn't what it used to be.

2) More Time for your Life

I am an online entrepreneur and real estate investor. While I am at the beach with my family, I am making thousands of dollars on Amazon and my website at the same time. While I am playing tennis with my sister, I just had a rent payment deposited in my account. It is not smart to trade hours for dollars. Freeing up your time in the office will allow you to multiply your wealth. You can dedicate that time to research other investments or new products to launch. Time is the most precious commodity we have. Why spend all your life making someone else wealthy and not yourself?

1) Be the Owner of your Gifts

Everyone should be a business owner. I'm not saying everyone needs to be a business owner over people but to be a business owner over your gifts. Because so much of our time is connected to work, we begin to think our job is our destiny. "This is what I'm meant to do!"....umm no. What happens when they lay you off or fire you or the company goes bankrupt. Does your destiny die with the job? No, it doesn't. So, begin to discover your purpose which is owning your gifts...and that my friend makes you a BUSINESS OWNER.

I know this is a very to the point, one sided article. I do believe that there is a season to have a job. A job is to learn but there comes a to a point where it is time to graduate to the next level. You can begin to take ownership of your gifts while offering greatness to your current job. Hopefully, this article sparks a plug in you to realize that the time is now to go after your dreams of owning your visions and bring them to life.

About the writer

I have an enterprise of online brands. I started my first online business 8 years ago and quickly grew to a six figure business in my second year. I launched a new brand in 2015 and used Amazon as my launching platform for my brand as well as my business website. Within 5 months, I made six figures where all the sales came from Amazon. I was so astonished from the success and with a deep desire to help people that want to see their ideas manifest into a reality, I established Gina Los Angeles. With Gina Los Angeles I focus on mentoring and coaching people on starting and launching a business brand on Amazon and other online sales channels (business website, Mobile Selling Apps). Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions or interested in working with me directly at You can follow me on Instagram & Facebook @GinaLosAngeles

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